Business Law

We can assist you with the following legal matters:

Civil Claims:
  1. If you are owed money from someone who refuses to pay, we can help assist you in receiving what is owed to you.
  2. If you owe someone money and are struggling to pay or are being taken to court we can help assist in getting the amount owed reduced and negotiate a payment plan for what is owed.

We can help you advise, draft, read over, and execute any of the following:

  • – Affidavits
  • – Powers of Attorneys
  • – Change of Name Deed
  • – Statutory Declarations
  • – Housing Reports for Immigration visa purposes
  • – Sponsorship Declarations
  • – Contracts
  • – Loan Agreements
  • – Partnership Agreements
  • – Business Terms and Conditions

As commissioners of oath we are also able to witness and oversee the signing of any important documents you may have to sign.

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