Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, we are witnessing more and more cases of domestic violence and abuse in the UK
since Covid-19 pandemic hit us. Surprisingly, the phenomenon seems to have affected immigrant
spouses more.

We were contacted by a female client who married a British national and had a 4 years old
daughter with him. She was waiting for her spouse visa extension application submitted nearly 1x
year ago. The client instructed us that she was a victim of Domestic violence and was subjected to
domestic abuse at hands of her very husband. He was jealous, controlling, manipulating, coercive,
threatening and violent our client who was fearful to report it due to her unsettled immigration
status and the fact that her visa extension was reliant upon his sponsorship and subsistence of
relationship with him. He used to abuse her physically, emotionally and even sexually in different

Following detailed instructions and conducting legal triage, as a starter we sign posted her to local
authorities including police and various support organisations for instant assistance. We then
liaised with the local police, local authorities, client’s GP, NGOs supporting victims of Domestic
violence and built strong documentary evidences to apply for client’s Settlement without paying
Home Office application fees. The application was approved without delay and client was granted
Settlement in the UK. We then managed to withdraw her outstanding spouse visa extension
application and get all fees [over £2000+] refunded to her.
She now runs a successful business and is really happy with her life with her daughter.

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