Innovator Visa

We at Aspen Crown Solicitors take pride in having a number of success stories about helping foreign entrepreneurs secure UK’s newly launched Innovator Visa. We have built a strong reputation and clientele in different countries including UAE, China, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan and India.

We assist experienced entrepreneurs who have an original business idea which has potential to grow and succeed in the UK. We evaluate clients’ business idea and liaise with leading business consultants to tailor their business plan. We have developed working relationships with a number of endorsing bodies and help our clients find a most suitable endorsing body.

We have recently assisted an Innovator Entrepreneurial team from UAE to set up their business in the UK. Their business involves a genuinely innovative, viable and scalable plan which had been endorsed by one of the top 3 endorsing bodies in the UK. Each member of the team had been granted 3x years visa together with their spouses and children. The best feature of innovator visa is that it provides an opportunity to settle as early as 3 years subject to meeting certain requirements of the Rules. Not only that we advise our clients but we also guide them to avail that accelerated settlement option from the start.


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