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What is Asylum?

Asylum is international protection given by a country to someone who is fleeing persecution in their home country. In order to asylum in the UK, the claimant must have left their country of residence and be unable to return due to a fear of persecution.

The persecution could have resulted only because of their:

We at Aspen Crown Solicitors can offer urgent, fast, and comprehensible advice for all asylum-related issues. We can meet with you immediately to provide you with asylum help wherever you are. We understand the urgency involved with claiming asylum. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring your chances of success are maximized.
Our services include high-quality translation services and thorough document checks.

We will work with you to ensure that your asylum application is completed to the highest standard before it is submitted to the Home Office. In most instances, we also prepare a cover letter, called a Letter of Representation, to support your asylum claim. This letter will contain details of your case and cite immigration laws that support your claim. We will also liaise with the Home Office while your application is being processed.

A grant of asylum can provide you a right of residence in the UK for a period of 5 years. You will be recognized as a Refugee and will be afforded protection against forced removal to the persecuting state – including by means of deportation or extradition. For individuals who face abusive and politically motivated criminal allegations, asylum is often the safest and strongest defence against extradition.

As a recognized Refugee, your direct family members including your partner and children [at the time you fled your country can be reunited with you in the UK.

As a refugee, you must not travel to your country of origin as it may result in the revocation of your refugee status. Similarly, you should not involve in any serious criminal activities.
Upon completion of 5x years in the UK with a refugee leave, you can qualify to apply for Settlement. 12x months following the grant of Settlement, you can apply to become naturalized as a British citizen.