Student Visa Tier 4


Studying student visa applications are made under the category of the Home Office
points based system. They must ensure they have a total of 40 points which is made up
of 10 points for funds and 30 points for a valid conformation of acceptance for studies.

Requirements for a student visa:

Students applying for their entry clearance or visa must show that they have a CAS
from a licensed sponsor and meet a number of general requirements and restrictions
such as:
• Age
• Security clearance
• Maximum time limits for studying in the UK
• Specific requirements for postgraduate doctors or dentists on a recognized
Foundation programmed
• For those individuals being sponsored by a Government or international
Scholarship agency
• Interview with Entry Clearance Officers


You will be able to bring your dependent to the UK if you are a student on a tier 4 visa,
this can happen as long as you can show that you can support them financially without
recourse to public funds.


If you have been granted entry clearance, leave to remain as a tier 4 student, you must
apply in-time for an extension for your visa if you intend on continuing your studies in
the UK.

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