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Reuniting a parted family – 12 years Separation

We at Aspen Crown Solicitors always take pride in going extra mile when it comes to reunitingparted and/or broken families. In this particular case, the instructions involved a British sponsorparted from her soul mate in Pakistan even after 12 years of marriage and having 10 years oldson. Both spouse and child had been refused entry

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From Detention to Visa Grant – A happy ending!

Our client was a failed asylum seeker and had been living in the UK since 2012 with unregulatedimmigration status. In 2020, he was arrested and detained by the Home Office ImmigrationEnforcement team. Whilst detained at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, VietnameseEmbassy was approached by the Home Office to get client’s Emergency Travel Document toaffect his removal

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